RCA™ Winter Cover Kit

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Essential for use with most thornless blackberries grown on RCA™ trellising in northern climates (USDA Plant Hardiness zones 6a and lower), RCA™ Winter Cover will provide protection from winterkill to fruiting floricanes and the crown of the plant. The cover works by creating an artificial environment that insulates canes and blocks damaging winds.


Winter Cover Description:

12 foot wide polypropylene fabric. Weight: 3.0 ounce per square yard.

RCA Winter Cover Kit Includes:

  • RCA™  Winter Cover
  • TGS Proprietary Foam Blocks that protect winter cover from tearing or ripping on trellis frames
  • Rubber Straps to hold Foam Blocks in place
  • Sandbags
  • Sandbag Wire Ties
  • RCA™ Winter Cover Instructions


Ordering Instructions:

Order the same length of cover as length of blackberry trellising- orders will come with additional footage to cover to the end of the tie back posts.