RCA™ Trellis System

If you are interested in buying a row longer than 60 feet, please give us a call at (260) 416-4464 to request a quote or follow the link to request info. Contact Trellis Growing Systems


Built to grow floricane-producing blackberries.

The keys to success for this system are the ability to easily adjust the trellis to different positions and use of a custom cane training method. Together, the results are: 

  • More fruiting lateral canes/plant = HIGHER yields.

  • An open canopy = BETTER pest control.

  • Fruit positioned on one side of trellis = MORE quality fruit and EASIER harvesting.

  • Ability to cover and protect canes during winter and spring frost/freezes = CONSISTENT harvests.

Each trellis system kit includes:

  • RCA™ Trellis Frames, Hardware, Wire Cable and Ground Anchors
  • Tube Hammer Cap for easy installation
  • RCA™  Installation Instructions
  • Branchlocks to attach blackberry floricanes to trellising
  • Anchor Bands for training primocanes to trellising
  • Plant Training and Care Instructions



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