RCA™ Trellis System

Length of the desired row in feet.

If desiring commercial acreage, (1/2 acre or more) please call the TGS office at (260) 416-4464 or follow the link to request info. Contact Trellis Growing Systems


Built to grow floricane-producing blackberries.

The keys to success for this system are the ability to easily adjust the trellis to different positions and use of a custom cane training method. Together, the results are: 

  • More fruiting lateral canes/plant = HIGHER yields.

  • An open canopy = BETTER pest control.

  • Fruit positioned on one side of trellis = MORE quality fruit and EASIER harvesting.

  • Ability to cover and protect canes during winter and spring frost/freezes = CONSISTENT harvests.

Each trellis kit includes:

  • RCA™ Trellis Frames and Hardware 
  • Tube Hammer Cap for easy installation
  • RCA™  Installation Instructions
  • Wire Tensioning Tool
  • Branchlocks for training of blackberry floricanes to trellising
  • Anchor Bands for training of primocanes to trellising
  • Plant Training and Care Instructions

Items that must be purchased separately:

  • 12 1/2 gauge galvanized wire (rows less than 150' long) OR high tensile wire (rows > 150' long)
  • Wooden tie back posts


RCA™ Winter Cover NOT included (normally necessary for USDA Plant Hardiness zones 6a and lower with most thornless blackberry varieties)

What yields can you expect on the RCA system? 

Planting Year

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5+

0 lb./row foot

0.8 lb./row foot

1.5 lb./row foot

2.0 lb./row foot

2.5+ lb./row foot


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