AV™ Trellis System

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AV™ (Adjustable V) Trellis System 

Built to grow primocane and floricane fruiting raspberries. This easy-to-use system allows you to position plants to make the most of growing conditions and planting space. Key benefits include:  

  • HIGH yields. With correct use, expect four consecutive months of raspberry harvesting! 

  • An open canopy = BETTER growth and pest control 

  • Closer row spacing = OPTIMAL use of planting space 

  • Closed position = EASIER maintenance and harvesting

  • Works in open fields, greenhouses or tunnels = FLEXIBILITY to meet grower needs

Each trellis system kit includes:

  • AV™ Trellis Frames, Hardware and Ground Anchors
  • Tube Hammer Cap for easy installation
  • AV Installation Instructions
  • Monofilament Wire
  • Wire Stays
  • Branchlocks for training canes to trellising
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